Evolving Assets

After an asset is minted, the owner of the collection can modify it according to the rules that agreed upon off-chain, such as by using the asset in a videogame, or by providing proof of attendance to an event.

The following method implements asset evolution; like the minting counterpart, it is exposed at the collectionAddress obtained when creating the collection.

function evolveWithExternalURI(
    uint256 _tokenId,
    string calldata _tokenURI
) external returns (uint256);

The input parameters are:

  • _tokenId: the id of the token resulting from the original mint transaction

  • _tokenURI: the new tokenURI that this asset will point to

Currently, this method returns the tokenId as output parameter.

An evolve transaction emits the following event:

event EvolvedWithExternalURI(
    uint256 indexed _tokenId,
    string _tokenURI

This broadcasts all the input data of the transaction.

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