Bridgeless Minting and Evolution represents a notable example of a process where a consensus system is used to expand the capabilities of another consensus system, via usage of Universal Location and, if deemed convenient, a Universal Node.

We coined the term Universal to refer to an NFT created via Bridgeless Minting.

The videos below offer an in-depth explanation of this mechanism:

  • LAOS Bridgeless Minting & Evolution, part 1.

  • LAOS Bridgeless Minting & Evolution, part 2.

Additionally, the following website provides a simple frontend to start experimenting with bridgeless minting on blockchains such as Ethereum or Polygon. Internally, this sample application employs the queries outlined in the rest of this section.



The initial setup phase of using bridgeless minting involves one-time transactions: deploying an ERC721 collection on your preferred blockchain (e.g., Ethereum or Polygon) and establishing a sibling collection in LAOS.

Mint & Evolve

Subsequent minting and evolution occur directly on LAOS, thereby bypassing congestion and gas fees on the selected blockchain.

Trade, Lend, DeFi

Asset owners can carry on with all activities in a way that's fully compliant with ERC721 on their blockchain of choice. This includes trading on preferred marketplaces and utilizing NFTs in lending contracts, among other actions.

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