Minting Assets

The owner of a collection in LAOS, can use the EvolutionCollection interface to mint an evolve assets. The interface is fully detailed in the EVM Interface section, and it is exposed at the collectionAddress obtained when creating the collection. The interface can be found in both Solidity and ABI json format here.

The main entry point is the mintWithExternalURI method:

function mintWithExternalURI(
    address _to,
    uint96 _slot,
    string calldata _tokenURI
) external returns (uint256);

The input parameters are:

  • _to: the EVM address of the recipient of the NFT

  • _slot: a number between 0 and 2**96-1 that distinguishes the NFTs minted for this recipient. You can use an incremental index, or a random number within the available range.

  • _tokenURI: the location where the metadata of the token can be fetched; ideally, it should point to a permissionless decentralized system, such as IPFS, or its incentivized versions, such as Filecoin or Crust.

The returned parameter is the tokenId generated for this new NFT.

A minting transaction emits the following event:

event MintedWithExternalURI(
    address indexed _to,
    uint96 _slot,
    uint256 _tokenId,
    string _tokenURI

This broadcasts all the input data of the transaction, as well as the output tokenId.

The tokenId can later be used to evolve the asset as many times as needed.

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