Universal Location for DAME

While a previous section detailed the usage of Universal Location for Bridgeless Minting, allowing any chain to point to a LAOS sibling collection, we hereby discuss the second main usage, serving DAME, allowing LAOS to point to any asset in any chain.

Universal Location to be Used as Asset Selector

Following the spec drafted in this Github issue, the following Universal Location string can be used to point to any asset on any EVM chain:


This string would point to:

  • an asset with tokenId = 666,

  • in an ERC721 collection at contractAddress = 0xabc....def,

  • in the EVM chain with the provided chainId, for example,

    • chainId = 1 for Ethereum,

    • chainId = 127 for Polygon,

    • chainId = 42161 for Arbitrum One,

    • chainId = 56 for Binance Smart Chain.

Note that the number 7 in the GlobalConsensus junction specifies that the chain is EVM. Check Chainlist for other chainId options.

Warning: It is important to include the uloc:// prefix when using Universal Location in the context of DAME.

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