Updating a Previous Extension of an Asset

Existing metadata extensions can be updated by the same web3 accounts that created them.

The corresponding method is updateExtendedTokenURI:

// Interace available at contract address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000405
function updateExtendedULWithExternalURI(
    string calldata _uloc,
    string calldata _tokenURI
) external;

The input parameters are:

  • _uloc: the Universal Location identifying the asset in its corresponding chain,

  • _tokenURI: the location where the updated metadata of the extension can be fetched.

On success, this transaction emits a corresponding event:

event UpdatedExtendedULWithExternalURI(
    address indexed _claimer,
    bytes32 indexed _universalLocationHash,
    string _universalLocation,
    string _tokenURI

Besides emitting the web3 account that created the extension (as _claimer), this method also includes the hash of the Universal Location that was extended (as _universalLocationHash). The latter parameter is indexed, which can be useful for DApps that query about events related to a particular asset.

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