Goals & Vision

LAOS is the Universal Layer 1 for digital assets across all blockchains. From day 1, it will be connected, without bridges, to mature blockchains such as Ethereum or Polygon, enabling them to offload all digital asset minting and evolution, thus freeing them to focus on trading, lending, and accessing DeFi & liquidity services.

By leveraging the Universal Location, a feature of Polkadot's Cross-Consensus Messaging version 3, LAOS will soon introduce Decentralized Metadata Extensions, which will breathe new life into assets that were originally created as immutable, and will incentivize in-game asset interoperability.

In the mid-term, LAOS will become the first Layer 1 to scale horizontally via specialized sharding, allowing companies and DApps to build at scale without leaving their preferred ecosystems, such as Ethereum. It will enable use cases that are currently impossible in such ecosystems, such as massive tokenization of real-world assets, or mainstream gaming beyond Play & Earn.

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