LAOS's main documentation can be found here:

The following videos serve as an introduction to Bridgeless Minting and Evolution:

  • LAOS Bridgeless Minting & Evolution, part 1.

  • LAOS Bridgeless Minting & Evolution, part 2.

Hands-on material:

LAOS is fully open source and decentralized. The main code repositories are:

  • The LAOS Parachain. To streamline the development process and encourage diverse contributions, all core components of the Parachain were integrated in this single monorepo.

  • The Universal Node. This node streamlines the integration process for DApps aiming to incorporate bridgeless minting and evolution across various chains, including Ethereum, by merely adjusting the RPC endpoint to connect to the relevant Universal Nodes.

  • The Universal ERC721 Solidity Templates. This template contains the minimal extensions of the ERC721 OpenZeppelin implementation that enables bridgeless minting and evolution in any EVM chain.

  • The Examples Repository. Short scripts showing how to interact with LAOS using standard web3 libraries.

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